Upcoming Events

18 May
KBC ~ Fostering Entrepreneurship and Fun Gala
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19 May
LBC ~ 2-Days Workshop on Designing Interactive Dashboards Using Excel 2019/ 2021
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23 May
FBC ~ 74th Chartered Management Accountants Day
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16 May
Online Exam Application Forms for June 2024 Examinations [OL1 to SL2 & LLG]
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14 May
Circular for Students - June 2024 Examinations [OL1 to SL2 & LLG]
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14 May
Circular for Students with Exam Applications - MPE & LME, June 2024
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Committees – National Council

Standing Committees

The Standing Committees have been defined in CMA Act. These Committees assist the Council in the matters related to assigned areas. The Committees send their recommendations to the Council for deliberations and approval. However the Council may refer any matter to the Committee for in-depth analysis and study before being re-submission and decision. Following are the Standing Committees of the Institute:

Executive Committee

Education Committee

Examination Committee

Disciplinary Committee

Non-Standing Committees

The Non-standing Committees are formed by the Council. The Committee has representation of regional branches as well. The Chairman of the Committee may co-opt other members of the Institute on the basis of their relevant exposure. Following are the Non-Standing Committees of the Institute:

MARCOM Committee

Research & Publications (R & P) Committee

CPD Committee

Audit Committee

Technical Support & Practice Development (TSPD) Committee

Students Affairs Committee