The Institute has Webinar Technology to facilitate its members in particular especially those living overseas and far flung areas and other professionals in general. The webinar technology facilitates hassle free learning, hence getting popular source of continuing professional development. The Institute's webinar initiative has been encouraged by foreign speakers who delivered lectures from USA, UK, Canada, Australia, India and Pakistan by using ICMA Pakistan's webinar technology.

Webinar Date Topic Facilitator
1st Webinar 8 March 2013 Managing in Challenging Times with Finance Technologies Mr. Mohammad Hanif Ajari,Pakistan
2nd Webinar 30 March 2013 Current Status in Evolution of the Integrated Mr. A. N. Raman,India
3rd Webinar 3 June 2013 Integrated Reporting and SME/SMP Prof. Andrew Conway,Australia
4th Webinar 3 July 2013 Financial Leadership and Performance Mr. Jeffery C. Thomson (President IMA-USA) & Mr. Dennis Whiteny (Sr. VP IMA-USA)
5th Webinar 25 July 2013 Sustainability Framework and Imperative for CMAs Mr. Rakesh Singh (President ICA India)
6th Webinar 10 October 2013 Management Accountants for Value Creation Dr. Nichiket Madhav Vechalekar (Associate Dean IndSearch, Pune, India)
7th Webinar 28 October 2013 IFAC & Professional Accountants in Business Mr. Fayezul Choudhury (CEO, IFAC)
8th Webinar 24 April 2014 The Revision of International Education Standards Dr. Peter Wolnizer, OAM (Chair, IAESB)
9th Webinar 05 May 2015 Good Governance Mr. Vincent H. Tophoff (Sr. Tech. Manager - PAIBC - IFAC,USA)
10th Webinar 29 May 2015 Professional Accountants in Business Mr. Todd Scaletta (Director, Strategy, Risk and Performance Management - CPA Canada)
Ms. Julie Desjardins (Director, Reporting & Capital Markets - CPA Canada)