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9 Mar
IBC ~ Workshop on Microsoft Power BI
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3 Mar
LBC ~ Workshop on Tools & Techniques on Financial Modelling Excel
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3 Mar
IBC ~ Workshop on Advacne Excel
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Code of Conduct

The code is aimed at encouraging and shaping professional behaviour and ethics among the students. The code, as laid down, is to be strictly observed:

  • Behave courteously and politely;
  • Respect the teachers, fellow students, staff and visitors to the Institute;
  • Be punctual in attending classes and lab sessions;
  • Maintain the layout and arrangement of the classroom, computer lab and library;
  • Maintain discipline and decorum in the reading study areas, classroom, computer lab and library;
  • Maintain cleanliness in and outside the classrooms;
  • Keep voice low while walking through corridors, so that classes in progress are not disturbed;
  • Refrain from passing any derogatory and insulting remarks about the Institute and its functionaries;
  • Display Identity Card of the Institute while in the premises of the Institute;
  • Protect the Institutes' property;
  • Park the vehicles only in the parking lot and not wander around the campus;
  • Should not smoke, eat betel leaf (Pan or gutka) and / or chew gum inside the premises of the Institute or in the vicinity.

Dress Code

Following dress code is prescribed for the students:

For Male Students

Dress Pants & Shirt OR Qameez / Kurta and Shalwar with waistcoat.
Slippers (Chappals) are not allowed, However, Sandal / Peshawari chappal is allowed to students wearing shalwar qameez / kurta.

For Female Students
Should wear shalwar qameez with chaader OR dupattah (scarf).