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18 May
KBC ~ Fostering Entrepreneurship and Fun Gala
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19 May
LBC ~ 2-Days Workshop on Designing Interactive Dashboards Using Excel 2019/ 2021
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23 May
FBC ~ 74th Chartered Management Accountants Day
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16 May
Online Exam Application Forms for June 2024 Examinations [OL1 to SL2 & LLG]
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14 May
Circular for Students - June 2024 Examinations [OL1 to SL2 & LLG]
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14 May
Circular for Students with Exam Applications - MPE & LME, June 2024
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Results Policy

Communication of Examination Results

The result of the examination, in the form of a Grade Sheet, is communicated to each candidate at the mailing address mentioned in the examination application form. Students, who do not receive the Grade Sheets within a month from the official results announcement date, should approach the ICMA International campuses for a duplicate copy. The result, e-marks sheet and question-wise e-marks sheet for unsuccessful candidates are also uploaded on the Institute’s website under Students Results Portal.

Passing Percentage

Passing percentage in the examination of each subject is 50%.

Publication of Result

The result of students who have passed all levels i.e. from Operational Level-1 to Strategic Level-2 including all six Practical Modules, under Study Scheme-2018, are published in the "Official Gazette of Pakistan".

Unsuccessful Candidates

  • Candidates, who have failed to qualify an examination, may re-appear in any subsequent examination of the Institute.
  • Candidates may apply for their Performance Evaluation – Preview of Assessed/ Attempted Descriptive Questions only. For details Institute's website may be referred under 'Notices'.
  • Candidates may also apply for subsequent re-assessment/ re-evaluation, in case of any contend. For details Institute's website may be referred under ‘Notices’.

Examination Result Code

The following codes are used in the Grade Sheets sent to examinees and uploaded on Institute’s website after the announcement of the result of each examination:


Level Completed

In process

Level not completed


Course completed

Not Pass

Course not Completed


Exemption granted on the basis of other qualification(s)


Waiver granted in Practical Module on the basis of 14-year/ 16-year education under Study Scheme-2018




Result Cancelled

*Note: A student is declared ‘Passed’ in a subject on paper-to-paper basis