Public Sector Governance Board

Sr. Person

Mr. Zia ul Mustafa Awan, F-980
Public Sector Governance Board of ICMA International

Scope of the Public Sector Governance Board is as under:

  • Governance Standards and Guidelines:

     The Board would develop, review and promote best practices, governance standards, and guidelines that are applicable to public sector entities. This could include standards and guidelines for areas such as accrual-based accounting, financial reporting, risk management, auditing, performance, and ethics.

  • Professional Development: 

     The Board would oversee the development and delivery of professional development programs, training, and certification for public sector governance professionals. This would help to ensure that members of the profession are equipped with the necessary skills and knowledge to effectively perform their roles.

  • Advocacy:

    The Board would advocate for good governance practices in the public sector and represent the interests of its members in discussions with government agencies, stakeholders, and other professional organizations. This could involve engaging in policy discussions, participating in consultations, and providing guidance on governance issues.

  • Research Studies:

     The Board would conduct research, study, and analysis on trends and issues related to public sector governance. This could involve publishing reports, articles, and other research outputs to inform and educate stakeholders on key governance issues.

  • Networking:

      The Board would provide opportunities for members to network, exchange ideas and share best practices in public sector governance. This could include organizing conferences, seminars, awards and other events that bring together professionals from across the sector.